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Online terrorism against BANKER

During the last ten days, the web site of BANKER newspaper - www.banker.bg, was subject to continuous but fortunately unsuccessful hacker attacks. The real purpose of these DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks was to make the site's content inaccessible for our users. According to experts these attacks not only violate the internet ethics, but are a criminal offence.

We have to inform our readers that at the present moment the access to our site's content is difficult, but we hope to eliminate the problem as fast as possible.

We don't know where these attacks come from, but we can guess what has provoked them. In addition, we can't ignore the fact that the attacks came in a moment when both our site and our Facebook page enjoy an intense interest from thousands of our readers, whom we thank for this.

BANKER has been always honest with its readers and that's why we suppose that our publications have succeeded to provoke some political and business circles' anger. This, however, could only make as happy and determined to go on ahead in the same way.

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