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Yoncheva: Euroleaders Should Feel Politically Compromised Standing next to Borissov

US experts have confirmed that the audio recording of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov voice, which was distributed on June 12, 2020, is authentic," said on Friday the Socialist and Democrat MEP Elena Yoncheva from Brussels.


"The record shows that there is no separation of powers in Bulgaria which is run by an authoritarian man who simply gives orders over the phone to hit a private company or burn a political opponent. This is taken extremely seriously in Europe and my task in the European Parliament is to give maximum publicity both in the EP and in the Western European media of how BG is governed," Yoncheva commented to the national radio a day later.


"It is important that European leaders feel politically compromised while standing by Borissov. They have enough information and knowledge of what the Bulgarian Prime Minister is like. But we must make this information public with indisputable evidence. So that the support for Borissov from the right (the European People's Party) will no longer be a fact," Elena Yoncheva added.


According to her, it sounds cynical that Manfred Weber, the leader of the EPP group in the European Parliament, supports Borissov for his "successes in the anti-graft fight ".


She emphasized that the analysis of the recording was made on her initiative by the US Beryl Audio Forensics Laboratory (BAFL), which also works with the US Department of Justice, with the FBI, and the company's analyzes are used by US courts.


"The experts’ conclusion is that the voice of the man belongs to Mr. Borisov and there are no traces of editing inside. The recording is authentic," the MEP stressed.


GERB does not believe the MEP Elena Yoncheva that the recording of a voice, identical to that of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, is authentic. "I do not trust Elena Yoncheva since she began conducting politically biased investigations. She has the right to do so but let's hear what our institutions will say. Let's trust them," said GERB MP Valentin Radev.


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