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World Conspiracy – It’s No Trifle

The miracle we experienced is not to be believed, but can we at least laugh at it ?! Some rulers around the world were so panicked that they strictly warned there would be no April fools jokes on social media. A joke is not like a lie, but it depends on the situation which is more extraordinary than the extraordinary one.

The World Health Organization has warned that "infodemia" can increase the spread of the virus among vulnerable people. However, no one knows how many they are. How to know if and how vulnerable you are as never has such a madhouse been made. As said in a delicate commentary, April 1st was cancelled because no one could think of anything more incredible than what has been happening.

According to a two-week-study, in a state of emergency, Bulgarians have emphasized on online shopping, banking, ordering food. If we include watching movies, chatting and posting all sorts of viral tumults and emotions, the online idyll will be complete. However, we are also looking into exploring whether there is anything true about the expectations of people starting to talk more, to become better and show more solidarity.

In any case, self-isolation, they say, is an excellent opportunity to conduct mobile marketing on an unprecedented scale to prepare consumers for the next marketplace bacchanalia. However, the symptoms of agoraphobia could not be ruled out  (fear of leaving home and mixing with the crowd).

That could not be trifled with either because it is thought to be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, cities will become a better place to live, but on the other hand, the economy cannot get off its feet with only virtual activity.

However, another survey noted that Bulgarians were beginning to like the state of emergency, either because they were thirsty for rest, or because they knew they were racing with the wind. Anyway the majority of them admitted that the restrictive measures were "unpleasant but bearable". In any case, the government's actions were highly appreciated for they created "new confidence in the authorities". For God’s sake, this is really scary.

If the intensive processing of the public consciousness has indeed achieved such an outcome in two weeks, then we can really expect everything. To be lost in a flood of negative information, written in one and the same place and spread with methodical fervor, to a complete loss of reason in favor of parallel reality. Not to notice the huge gap between the logic of mind and the aggressive bombastic words that run over it. To agree with the messages and  measure, unthinkable until yesterday, that turn the order upside down. And to forget the role of the authority in reaching this absurdity and all before it.

The Covid-19 pandemic is said to have skyrocketed the sales of Albert Camus's "The Plague" novel. The rats are causing the infection in it, and here, say, the bats. In both stories, however, it is about one thing but it goes about the other. Because you have to be hopelessly  naive so as not to see that a giant manipulation has been activated and an experiment is being conducted, so far too successfully. This time it seems that the bet is not just about deleting trillions of debts and making trillions of profits.

Apparently, the world has got stuck. And even more clearly – otherwise the story will end - it must be pushed to begin anew.

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