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Without a Roadmap for Reforms We Will Receive EUR Zero from the EU, Announced Radan Kanev

MEP Radan Kanev criticized today's announcement of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on the parameters of funding from the European Union budget and the reconstruction fund, agreed on for our country.

"Borissov's position in Brussels was dishonourable to Bulgarian citizens. He went to Brussels without announcing the positions he would defend, without a publicly announced platform, without consulting the National Assembly and members of the European Parliament. As you might expect - without a national plan and a team of experts. So he set up his alibi to call each result a success. Which, in fact, he did," commented Radan Kanev.


The MEP clarified that the fair transition fund for coal areas has been reduced four times which is a huge failure and a threat to the energy transition that now has to be financed by the budget.


Borissov announced we’ll "receive" EUR 29 billion. This is an extremely incorrect statement - much of these funds can only be invested on the basis of a National Recovery and Plan and reforms. We do not have such a plan, i.e. for now we get zero. Zero," Kanev stressed.


He announced that the Netherlands won an emergency brake to temporarily stop transfers of money from the recovery fund if an EU state was seen as not meeting reform conditions or adaptation to the “green deal”, tied to the money.

"Borissov spoke (perhaps it was the only" program request ") in favor of more subsidies and fewer loans. The result is exactly the opposite. In my opinion, this is not a bad result. Loans and financial instruments are a stronger and more transparent investment model. However, it is difficult to define it as "success". In short - if you do not have objectives and a program, you cannot report success. The government ended zero to zero. However, the citizens of Bulgaria and especially the people in the Maritsa basin have lost a lot, "Kanev summed up.



"This is a great success for our country as Bulgaria receives more money for the new period compared with the previous one, given that at the EU level, the new financial framework is 62 billion less than the previous budget," Prime Minister Borissov stressed, adding that by 2027 we will receive nearly 1 billion euros more than in the current period.


Over the next 7 years, the Community will be able to mobilize a total of EUR 1 trillion and 824 billion, and the biggest obstacle to the adoption of the new budget and the Next Generation package has been the ratio of grants to loans.


"Grants have dropped to 390 billion and loans will be worth 360 billion," he said. He added that the agreement was very difficult.

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