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Will The European Commission Protect The Brands Of Bulgarian Cheese And Kashkaval?

Will the names of the Bulgarian yoghurt and white brined cheese be protected with the European Commission? This issue has long excited dairy farmers in our country.

Currently under the national procedure for submitting requests to the European Commission for entry of names in the European Register of Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications the applications for specifications are processed together with the necessary documentation for registration of "Bulgarian yoghurt" and "Bulgarian white brined cheese" as protected designations of origin.


One of the largest producers of this type of products and chairman of the association "Bulgarian traditional dairy products" Dimitar Zorov hopes that, by Christmas, the procedure will be activated and the European Commission will enable the most famous Bulgarian dairy products, including Bulgarian yogurt, to receive a Protected Designation of Origin. In this way, it will not be possible to refuse any dairy that complies with the production rules to use a protected designation of origin.


According to Zorov, the dairy industry has done everything necessary to make this happen and now the course of the procedures is in the hands of the Ministry of Agriculture. The Covid 19 pandemic has slowed things down, but it is now being worked on again. Nine companies that have already requested protection are currently being inspected.


Zorov believes that in addition to the names for cow, sheep, goat and mixed mixture Bulgarian yogurt, producers will also ask for protection for the Bulgarian brined cheese types. The same refers to kashkaval (yellow cheese), but according to him, this product will probably face the most difficulties.

The reason is that the Romanians and the Hungarians have presented claims in the European Union, despite the historical fact that in the past we taught them how to make yellow cheese, Zorov is categorical. However, they are also bound to submit documents to the European Commission.


Our producers claim that they have a lot of historical evidence for yogurt, kashkaval and cheese. But theoretically, it is possible that a neighboring country could prevent us from doing so. The Greeks, for example, already have protection for the “feta” cheese.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry explains that they still cannot undertake to a specific deadline for sending the documentation, as the procedure carries out on-spot inspections for both products. After their completion, the documentation will be reviewed by the Standing Interdepartmental Advisory Committee on Geographical Indications and Foods of Traditionally Specific Character. It, in turn, will propose to the Minister of Agriculture to approve by order the sending of the necessary documents to the European Commission for review and subsequent registration in the European Register of Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications.


It is stated that, as regards documentation concerning the registration of the name 'Bulgarian kashkaval', it has not yet been submitted to the agricultural office. Gorna Oriahovitsa flat sausage and Bulgarian rose oil have already been entered in the European register as protected geographical designations.

Among the foods with a traditional specific character are also “Fille Elena" fillets, “Lukanka Panagyurska" sausage, “Role Trapezitsa" roulade, “Kaiser Trakia" fillet and “Pasturma Govezhda” beef pastrami.

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