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Why Doesn’t the Prosecution Self-Initiate Proceedings against NHIF

The  confession of the NHIF chief Dr. Detcho Detchev that the fund pays some hospitals higher prices for medicines  and thus benefits them cries out for the prosecutor's office. What else needs to happen after Dr. Dechev announced there is a huge discrepancy in the prices paid for one and the same drug by public and private hospitals - in private ones prices paid are seven times higher.

This drain of funds  scheme has been talked about for years, but no one lifts a finger to solve the problem. At the same time the state, that is, we, the taxpayers, continues to pour more and more money into the NHIF. The nation is thinning out, the money for health is skyrocketing , but it does not make us healthier. On the contrary, Bulgarians get sick and die like flies. If you don't believe it, just take a look at the demographic data.

As it goes, the end of the world might come but the NHIF will remain unchanged for the delight of the most favored hospital mafia. Because obviously there is no political will to let this plague go away.

"Democratic Bulgaria" was the only which lamented that it is high time  the Fund published all the detailed data  so as the mechanisms of its draining become clear in black and white. It is mainly about data relating to all reimbursed medicines with their codes, the ID of the legal entity to which the funds were paid  and the months of the relevant events. Only when there is  transparency and   concrete information about the costs can the illicit outflows be curtailed with public pressure, Democratic Bulgaria wrote in a special address.

It is high time the state prosecution  initiated itself after Dr. Dechev's confession and opened a case on  the health fund. Many examples show there are no obstacles in the office of the Prosecutor N1 to do this on suspicious grounds and for no good reason. However, the time has come for the prosecution to finally meet public expectations and cease the theft from the health fund.

If it did not do it now there would be no sense in the existence of the prosecutor's office itself the way things have been going. What will be the use of NHIF  if  Bulgarians continue to emigrate and those who remain die under  its "warm" care?!

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