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What You Have Is Not Yours, What You Give Is

What you have is not yours, it's what you give. I often remember those words said by an elderly woman from the Rhodope Mountains in a TV show. Alone, high in the mountains, without radio and television, living with the few other people left in this village, forgotten by authorities and God, she has kept being human deep within herself. And she is willing to share all that she has, no matter how little it is, because that is the right thing to do, and that is what humans do.

We often argue with friends that we are not actually managed by Bulgarians and that is why the situation in Bulgaria is so tragic.

The scary thing is that the decision-makers (what a weird expression) do not think like Bulgarians and do not care about this heavenly place.

They don't think like statesmen either - they rule day to day because at the next election they may lose the power and the goodies it brings. And this applies to all rulers - not only to today's ones, but to everyone before them. And it'll probably be the same for those who come after that. Unfortunately we always make the wrong choice, or we choose the one who best manages to pack temptingly... our own beliefs.

Just because your name matches the Bulgarian naming tradition doesn't make you Bulgarian. That's what I think. And I also think of the thousands of foreigners - Czechs, Poles, Austrians, Germans, Italians  who came to our country after the Liberation in 1878 and helped build a new modern Bulgaria.

And it’s getting even worse, when you're ready to follow all kinds of instructions from anywhere - just to stay in power and milk the state think for a few generations ahead.

How do we explain this overkill of all the managing authorities in the implementation of the different European directives and the imposition of impracticable requirements, for example, when applying to a European fund for support. And the excuse is always: "Well that's what they demand from the European Union" or "That's what they said from the EU." That way the people and businesses in Bulgaria are doomed to carry out unfeasible attempts to reach those who have constantly be given to them as an example.

Provided that the money is there and every Bulgarian with a good project can participate in its distribution or when he/she needs support in a crisis situation.

It is obvious that the rulers of whatever color they are do it because they are not Bulgarians and they have to please someone – to be gone, to feel down, or to work somewhere abroad but not for ourselves in Bulgaria. However, the other possible conclusion is not better - that they create obstacles because they are incompetent and such is their potential. Apparently, it turns out that not doing the job is a better option than "shining" with a bad job done.

How to explain, for example, the fact that for years now Bulgarian breeders have been forced to pay a tax on the European subsidies they receive. Moreover, this money does not come from labor income or any other commercial activity but is support and assistance in what you do. There is no such taxation in other countries.  It is also known that many countries subsidize their agriculture and this makes them even more competitive (leaving aside the good quality of their goods). This is not done in our country because "the EU does not allow it", but many other things have been done, which the EU does not approve of, but often forgives.

Hundreds, even thousands, of examples can be told by each of us. We seem to value convenience, coziness and comfort more and no longer think clearly, even when we are "invited" to say our opinion in parliamentary or local elections. When we are alone (in front of our conscience and our children) in the "dark voting room".

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