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We Live in a Perfect Ottoman Governance Model According to a University Lecturer

"We live in a perfect Ottoman model of government. We have a sultan - the owner of the whole territory who holds our fate in his hands– that’s our PM’s self-esteem. This is a system where the political merges with the personal, where self-interest produces the leading motives. Civil society erupted the way our ancestors revolted against the Ottoman governance model. This was commented to the Bulgarian National Radio by the philosopher Prof. Georgi Kapriev, a lecturer at Sofia University.


According to him, the protests today and the political atmosphere are not intendded to create a specific attack on some parties or individuals at the expense of other parties or individuals.


"Young people oppose this archaic ruling model. They want justice. The elections will show what the people want. But it can't just go on like that anymore… The protest doesn't have a political program ", added Prof. Kapriev.

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