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We are heading for an economic catastrophe and a drastic lagging behind Romania and Greece

Currently, the Romanian Government (EPP) is publicly presenting a National Investment Plan for an economic restart in the presence of President Iohannis.


The Greek government (EPP) has formed a National Investment Committee with the participation of top experts from around the world, including all prominent economists and energy professionals of Greek origin living in the EU and the US. The committee will be chaired by Prime Minister Mitsotakis, a Harvard alumnus. It aims at presenting the Greek National Green Recovery Plan within weeks. The Bulgarian government (EPP / GERB) is intensely discussing who has photographed the prime minister - a police school graduate -  and his nightstand. And the majority in the Bulgarian parliament respectfully listens to the instructions of the Prosecutor General, a graduate of the same police school, on how to revoke the presumption of innocence and which businesses should be "thrown out of the country."


We are facing a unique opportunity to restart and modernize our economy. An opportunity that will not happen again. But we are heading for an economic catastrophe and a drastic delay compared even with our neighbors. Disaster and lagging behind, which will be due not to the virus, not to climate change, not to the crisis in the EU, but to wrong decisions the government is aware of. And each and every day of this authority, being in power pushes us deeper and deeper into the crisis.


Elections are coming but we do not have nine months ahead of us. If the government cannot change its behaviour and policy due to incompetence, fear and / or dependencies, the government must be changed.


It is MEP Radan Kanev’s position from his Facebook profile. The headline is of "The Banker".

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