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Vasil Bozhkov Sent a Signal to the Prosecutor's Office against His Opponent

The businessman Vasil Bozhkov sent out a signal to the media against his opponent Tsvetomir Naidenov.

The signal for an organized criminal group that enjoys state protections is also addressed to the prosecutor's office.


Here is the whole signal without editorial modification:












To the attention of the Prosecutor's Office and the independent media in the Republic of Bulgaria:


During the last 5 years through the companies: DEVREALM Ltd., UIC: 203726570 (with recently acquired majority share from EFBET), ATOM DEV Ltd., UIC: 202758387 (partner of EFBET), WINER GAMES Ltd., UIC: 202680682 (recently transformed into a joint company with EFBET) and through more than 100 phantom companies:


• millions of levs have been invoiced, in the form of services not actually performed, for the purpose of VAT theft, illegal concealment of profits in the above-mentioned companies and saving of the respective taxes to the state;


• millions  of levs from European projects have been illegally used;


• pressure on programmers from the respective companies to give false testimony to the labor agency inspectors and to other law enforcement agencies has been performed;


• dozens of people have been appointed on paper, in order to absorb EU funds for various projects.


• Scheme 1: receiving a European subsidy, subsequent appointment of persons to whom the social security contributions are officially paid by bank transfer, but the salaries are paid partially and by hand. The rest of the money given "by hand" went to someone's party pocket - # WHOSE?


• Scheme 2: programmers from the companies in question are hired on a part-time basis with phantom firms, often without their knowledge and consent, in order to save on insurance payments to the state. These persons are appointed in companies implementing European projects without their knowledge);


Part of the organizers of the OCG are the managers of the respective companies - Konstantin Ivanov Dinev and Hristo Vladimirov Penchev;


They are also present (accidentally?) in the board of directors of the recently established company, jointly with EFBET - "The Better Platform" AD (the  board of directors: Mitko Tsvetanov Todorov, Boyan Stefanov Naidenov, Tsvetomir Stefanov Naidenov, Konstantin Ivanov Dinev, Hristo Vladimirov Penchev, Yasen Deyanov Vladimirov, Kamelia Georgieva Tsoklinova), UIC: 205868554 with a capital of BGN 1 million. The company is the legal successor of WINER GAMES Ltd., a participant in most of the tax abuses in question.


Please, carry out a thorough due diligence of this range of companies and the OCG, respecting all presumptions of innocence of the above persons.


I demand that the inspection establish, in addition to the presence of tax abuses in especially large amounts, the number of companies for which trilateral accounting is kept and what this circle of companies has produced against the EU funds received for the last 5 years?


Is this Organized Criminal Group under “the umbrella” of the National Revenue Agency and the Prosecutor's Office at the moment?


Is this umbrella due to the development of EFBET digital gambling products being done by the above-mentioned persons and the capture of digital gambling after my removal from Bulgaria?


Will the prosecutor's office and other competent state bodies continue toturn a blind eye since the individuals are under the auspices of EFBET and the Naidenov brothers, or will they do their job?


Are the symbolic arrests with fanfare and publicity in the Republic of Bulgaria preserved for persons inconvenient to the authorities only?


After establishing the veracity of the facts presented by me, a group of programmers (former and current employees of the respective companies) are ready to submit additional material evidence and to testify before the relevant authorities, both about the pressure exerted on them and the vicious tax schemes in these companies.


At the moment these individuals are afraid to contact the prosecutor's office directly, as they do not trust its impartiality and fear for their lives from the OCG in question which clearly enjoys state protection.


Vasil Krumov Bozhkov


Index Tower, West Tower, 20th floor,


Unit 2002, P.O. Box 507226, DIFC, Dubai, UAE


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