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Vasil Bozhkov Issued the First Emission of Party Tickets

All joking aside: from that day (October 21) a new player appeared on the political stage - the "Bulgarian Summer" party of the gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov. In fact, it is more correct to say that for now he has only bowed to the audience, because until his actual participation in the show, a little more water has to run under the bridge.

Those surprised by the first meeting of the Initiative Committee for the establishment of the "Bulgarian Summer" party should not be so many. It's about the pleasant surprise of all lovers of political action and thrillers. Two and a half months ago Vasil Bozhkov announced that he would make a party and for this purpose, on August 10, he launched the platform for direct democracy "Bulgarian Summer".

However, it is about the others - the unpleasantly surprised ones who did not believe him at all. And they thought he was talking for the sake of argument- just trying to look fearful, scaring the prosecution and teasing the "brains" that developed the concept of his elimination from the big game.

According to the protocol publications on the topic, 60 people attended the inaugural meeting. The 36-year-old Boril Sokolov - an advertising executive, marketing specialist and longtime partner of Vasil Bozhkov under "Eurofootball" Ltd. - was unanimously elected as its chairman.

According to media reports, he was a vigilant and headstrong young man, describing himself as a "charismatic, sarcastic asshole", "a minion of fortune" and a "sworn fan of life and music". The advice he gave generously to acquaintances and strangers were in the same stylistics: "Look people in the eye! Listen to music! Learn! Make friends with me!"

Such a "business card" does a wonderful job as a request for an active political future.Reference - half of the former pranksters from the student show "Ku- Ku" and its subsequent "clones". We mean: Petar Kurumbashev, Lyuben Dilov -juniour, Nidal Algafari and Slavi Trifonov. Because no matter what we think of them, it's neither accidental nor understated their trail is.

As it should be, the first meeting included the patron of the endeavor - the Dubai exile Vasil Bozhkov, who, in his typical style, brought water to his own mill.

As it should be, the first meeting included the patron of the endeavor - the Dubai exile Vasil Bozhkov, who, in his typical style, brought grist to his own mill or added fuel to the flames: "You are the people who are not afraid, who know and who can. You are the future and present of the nation. I uphold and support you with all my strength and capacity. We must cleanse the state, remove the junta and build Bulgaria's new future together. Today is the beginning!"

The founding declaration of the party kept the same spirit:

- The third national catastrophe is a fact;

- The separation of powers is an imitation;

- Democracy is façade.

- The institutions are not working;

- The justice system does not give justice;

- The prosecution has been turned into a bat, and its supreme leader is not responsible to anyone.

The general public was also served with the basic principles that the future party will follow:

- creating an active government and pooling the resources of the State and its citizens;

- promoting direct democracy and the rule of law;

- respecting the diversity of society in all its forms.

Or to put it in a more official language, "Bulgarian Summer" party will equally represent the interests of all citizens, encouraging them to have a voice in decision-making, while taking responsibility for themselves, their community and the state and working for the prosperity and progress of Bulgaria!"

And because, as we have already noted, it goes about the unpleasantly surprised by the intransigence with which Bozhkov pursues his goals from distant Dubai, a day later the future effect of the inaugural gathering of "Bulgarian Summer" has not yet been analyzed. Neither the sociologists and political scientists, nor the ruling and opposition party leaders did dare to comment. It is as if nothing happened and will not happen.

And it shouldn't, because - judging by one of the most commonly used "criteria" - Facebook users, the personality and the work of the Dubai exile Vasil Bozhkov are not to be underestimated at all: 111,488 people like his profile, and his followers are about 28,400 more  for a period of no more than five or six months on the social network.

At first sight it’s a piece of cake, because every average rapper can boast of five times more "likes" and "followers". The problem is (not ours of course) that after one five-year term in the Ministry of Interior and three five-year terms at the top of big politics, the profile of Prime Minister Borissov has been followed by only 289,676 Facebook users.  Cornelia Ninova, on the other hand,  can brag about 50,000 sworn fans only.

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