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Valentin Vatsev: The Content of the So-Called "Balkan Stream" Will Determine Borissov’s Fate

It is crucial who Borissov will anger - Trump or Putin


There is an extremely important event we are not talking about at the moment. At the end of the summer the pipeline we call Balkan Stream will be ready. The question is what will flow in it. Gazprom's position is unequivocal - 80% Russian gas. The American position is exactly the opposite - mainly diversified gas must flow. This was stated in a video interview for the Banker Studio by Valentin Vatsev, a political analyst.


In the interview, Vatsev also said:


While the issue of power is being resolved in the three great powers of the United States, Russia and China, we are dealing with gossips and scandals. Boyko Borissov’s regime does not feel comfortable not only because of the accusations of corruption. Authorities have not decided yet which course the country will take.


The way Borissov will answer this question depends on whom he will anger - the White House or the Kremlin. This is an undesirable prospect for any statesman. The government has to solve a damn geopolitical issue by September at the latest. Otherwise the winter will be hot for it.


Gone are the days when Stanishev could walk the wide alley between Washington and Moscow nodding in both directions. Then you could be liked at both places. It's impossible now.


The attitude towards Russia cannot warm hearts in Brussels.


In politics, mistakes are paid for at the most expensive rate. Trump decides single-handedly and ruthlessly. Putin is not good-natured,  he can drown you in a drop of water.


If the United States and Russia could agree on 50:50, Borissov would sleep peacefully, but that is impossible.


Globalization is nearing its end and will outline four powerful global clusters. Regionalization is brewing.


Russia is stretching its nuclear umbrella over China.


The war between Russia and Ukraine is inevitable. Especially if Trump loses the US election.


The Cold War is a very pretty thing because it replaces the hot war. The Cold War is back.


When Germany does not approve of something it does not happen sooner or later.

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