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U-turn: Borissov Supported the "Frugal Four" in Brussels

Maximum support for the medical aspect of the pandemic, focus on helping the socially disadvantaged and maintaining employment – this is what Prime Minister Boyko Borissov insisted on in Brussels, where a meeting of the European Council is being held, the government's information service announced.


"It is erroneous to think that we have reached at the end of the pandemic. We do not have a vaccine or a medicine," said Prime Minister Borissov before the start of today's discussions.

According to the Bulgarian Prime Minister, it is crucial to support medical workers, medical centers and the medical aspect of the pandemic in general as well as to have a single medical protocol for all European countries, with regard, for example, to masks, distance, schools, restaurants.


Prime Minister Borissov brought out European solidarity as a second focus. In his words it is important to have grants for the socially disadvantaged, for people who lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic and to support measures to maintain employment. According to Borissov, the EU should concentrate on the next 6-12 months when the situation is considered to reach the worst level in socio-economic terms. "Of course we must simultaneously look in the long run for how the EU will emerge from the crisis in the coming years," Borissov added.



The Prime Minister pointed out that the countries that participate with greater financial resources have the right to seek greater control over funds spending. Saying this is normal, he expressed support for the so-called "frugal four". At the same time, Borissov stressed that according to the EU structure, the body exercising control is the European Commission. BG Prime Minister expressed support for the Dutch Prime Minister regarding the instrument, which provides for each country to be able to raise a certain important issue for consideration by the ECOFIN ministers. "This is a good compromise," Borissov said.


The Prime Minister expressed optimism that the leaders will reach an agreement on the ratio of grants and loans. "There is a chance to understand each other and find a working compromise," Borissov said. Regarding the rule of law, the Prime Minister stressed that this is the basis of any democracy.

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