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This Is Not the Time to Talk about Democracy, Goranov Stressed

"This is not the time to talk about democracy." This was stated by Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov. He noted that the strict measures imposed were related to "creating a prerequisite for the poor spread of the coronavirus, and not to create restrictions."

Goranov clarified that strict measures will be applied only during the state of emergency. According to him, it is impossible to talk about a moratorium on loans. "We do not accept this populist move, which may worsen the condition of commercial banks," the Finance Minister said.

"We can't talk about a moratorium  on bond relationship. Do you want to have a moratorium on being able to withdraw your deposit from the bank? Because, on the one hand, there are people's deposits, on the other - loans from banks to individuals and legal entities, "he told BNR.

Goranov noted that the financial measures taken in connection with the state of emergency aim to "assist with resources by the state and regulatory measures by the banking supervision. "We have taken measures to ensure flexibility-with additional capitalization of the Bulgarian Development Bank," the Minister pointed out.

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