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The Toxic Trio’s Strong Stance on Constitutional Changes and the Prosecution Status

The Toxic trio took to Facebook with another statement

This statement is intended for all those who did not understand or pretend not to understand the demands of the protesting citizens for 38 days.


First: Borisov's resignation means not just the withdrawal of the individual Boyko Metodiev Borisov from power, but the withdrawal of GERB from the government and the abolition of the methods by which they rule. This is a wish valid for any government that allows itself to treat and insult Bulgarian citizens in such a criminal way. In the short term, this means early elections. No one will have a debate with a government that has permanently lost the trust of the citizens!


Second: In order to have confidence in the electoral process, a cabinet is required, and before that machine, remote and electronic voting is guaranteed. Part of the guarantees for a fair vote is the removal of the management of "Information Services", GRAO and a number of other agencies directly involved in the purchase and falsification of elections. It is obvious that a cabinet serving the mafia cannot guarantee integrity in the electoral process.


Third: Geshev's resignation now and the forthcoming changes to the Constitution, prepared by a new National Assembly, mean clearly that the issue is not just about the removal of a chief prosecutor. It is related to problems such as the unity of the prosecutor's office, the inability of each prosecutor to make decisions on their own and be responsible for them, as well as the complete lack of control of the chief prosecutor. I.e. any candidate for the trust of the citizens must declare that he is not ready for situational or historical compromises but promises to support proposals to remove the prosecution from the judiciary in advance.


We do not believe in Borissov's comic statements about a 6-month summoning of the chief prosecutor in parliament, because the PM himself does not respect the National Assembly and the over-powered chief prosecutors will do the same.


The reduction of the public prosecutor's term in office does not reform the system either.


Borisov's concern for the proper functioning of the judicial system is evident even in the simple fact that the mandate of the Inspector General and all judicial inspectors to the Supreme Judicial Council expired a few months ago. The "reformer" Borissov’s consideration on this procedure should have begun and ended a long time ago.


So much for the "rule of law" in its current form.


As early as 2017, the President of the Supreme Court of Cassation, in a meeting with the Head of State said it was important to remove the prosecution from the judiciary and place it as an equally remote institution. He declared that it was important to convene a Grand National Assembly.


The attempt of the autocrat Borissov and Peevski's ally Geshev to gain more political time by abusing the clear social reforms demanded by the protesters is another lie that no one intends to comply with.


The protesting citizens are not politically naïve and anyone who tries to divide or mislead them will be held accountable to the history of Bulgaria and to the generations after us.



Prof. Velislav Minekov

Lawyer Nikolai Hadjigenov

Arman Babikyan

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