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“The Toxic Trio”: We Stand by Anyone Who Respects Freedom and Is Not as Mute as a Poker

In connection with the attack of Boyko Borisov’s autocratic power against Eurocom TV and the critical journalists Sasho Dikov, Luba Kulesic and Vladimir Bereanu, we declare that this is another attempt to crush a media and thus – trample freedom of speech. Checking advertisers always puts companies that dare to trust the popularity of their products and services on this TV channel. This also frightens future advertisers by condemning any media subjected to similar harassment to financial collapse.

This is what Prof. Velislav Minekov, lawyer Nikolay Hadzhigenov and Armand Babikyan, known as the "Toxic Trio" wrote  in connection with the prosecutor's probe in the media.

Yesterday it became clear that the National Revenue Agency and the State Agency for National Security asked the owners of Eurocom TV to reveal who the advertisers of the programs of Sasho Diko , Luba Kulezic and Vlado Bereanu were.
On October 12, the National Revenue Agency sent a request to the media manager Zlati Zlatev to submit documents and give written explanations for the revenues from the listed external productions in the period January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2019. The inspection is based on a signal from former MEP Nikolay Barekov from the end of last year.

"Boyko Borisov's consistent policy of feeding its media with European resources and hitting other media through the state, form the media environment, which is talked about in the report of Reporters without Borders and which ranks our country 111th in freedom of speech. A particular absurdity is the hypothesis that these journalists and the television they work in have affected the national security after not only the NRA but also the National Security Agency is inspecting them," the statement said.

"This attack, conducted with the funds of the Bulgarian taxpayers, is yet another proof of the reasons for protesting and underlines the fact that the authorities of the state are used to settle political accounts", the "Toxic Trio" stresses.

The "Toxic trio" was "born" in an already crushed TV (BIT) and today we see an attack on the next TV channel, which we visit once a month in a TV format. We are convinced that the journalistic dignity and the critical eye are the motive for Borisov's actions.  But if the "Toxic Trio" is even a small part of the motives for these actions, we are ready to cut our visits to Eurocom TV off and - like the Prime Minister - sit on a small stump in a roadside village and express our free thoughts.

We will stand by any journalist who does not want to be as mute as a poker and respects freedom more than the comfort of silence.

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