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The Toxic Trio: Anti-Corruption Commission Lifts Seizure of Vivacom Shares and Damages Taxpayers

The "Toxic trio" - Prof. Velislav Minekov, lawyer Nikolay Hadjigenov and PR expert Arman Babikyan, who are organizers of the anti-government protests, gave a briefing in front of the Council of Ministers.


"Boyko Borissov's cabinet can now peacefully resign. He managed to commit probably the last theft in its management. It goes about Vivacom deal, which was made possible thanks to the complicity of Anti-corruption Commission (ACC), the Toxic Trio pointed out.


According to Hadjigenov,  ACC has lifted the seizure of Vivacom shares in the CCBank affair which has deprived taxpayers of BGN 1 billion. In practice, this sale could not have taken place without lifting the seizure and without the consent of the Anti-Corruption Commission and the trustees of the Corporate Commercial Bank. He asked when this agreement took place and what the conditions were because, in his words, it had become on the quiet.


"The seizure of Anti-corruption Commission ensured the financial interest of every Bulgarian citizen," Hadjigenov added.


The protest organizers are asking before whom Sotir Tsatsarov, the chairman of CCCIAP and Vladislav Goranov, the former Minister of Finance, who blessed the "theft", will be heard.


Earlier today, the "Toxic Trio" announced they would answer the question "why didn’t Boyko Borissov's cabinet resign." "We have a reasonable doubt that the commission of the next and perhaps the last theft worth BGN 1 billion has been anticipated AT ANY COST," they wrote on Facebook.


Shortly afterwards, it was announced that Vivacom was becoming part of the leading telecommunications and media operator in Southeast Europe - UNITED GROUP. The deal has received regulatory approval at European level.

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