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The Supreme Administrative Court Legally Restored the Farm of Ana Petrova from Bolyarovo

The Supreme Administrative Court revoked the order of the director of the Regional food safety agency in Yambol to kill and dispose the sheep on Ana Petrova's farm in the town of Bolyarovo, as well as to delete its entry from the registers.


In the summer of 2018, outbreaks of small ruminant plague were found in the border municipality of Bolyarovo. More than 3,300 sheep and goats were slaughtered as a measure against the spread of the disease. Two positive samples were also registered in Ana Petrova's herd, but farmers challenged the results and refused to allow veterinarians to kill their animals.


On October 10, 2018, the director of the Regional Food Safety Agency issued an order to delete the farm’s entry from the registers and kill the animals. The order was challenged in court, and the final decision came out today.


The court’s reasons for the rejection of the order say that there have not been established any gross violations of the Law on Veterinary Activity by the farmers and veterinarians have not provided accurate data on the number of infected animals in the herd.


There are currently about 200 animals on Ana Petrova's farm that she and her family take care of.

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