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The Sun Prime Minister Ditched the Cellophane and Rubbed the "Sh*T" in Our Faces!

Let’s not beat about the bush a hell of a lot just to be recognized as politically correct, objective and equally distant from the parties to the conflict. And we will say it in plain text: Boyko Borissov and his subordinate ruling coalition have been openly mocking at us. With the active assistance and even more active inaction of the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary opposition, which continues dragging on after the civil protests, instead of leading them.


To some extent, the situation is similar to the following picture – a deaf man is arguing with a TV, amplified to the max. But it's not like that. Or rather - not exactly like that.


For a month and a half, normal voters and taxpayers have been dreaming of the resignations of Prime Minister Borissov and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, early elections and a complete overhaul of the judiciary, in particular the state prosecution. Some voters want these "things" openly and at the cost of their health and freedom, while others (huge in number) continue to shout from the sidelines because they are afraid that something will happen to them. To them personally, or to their businesses. The demands of the protesters are constant and they will stay on the streets until


normal men and women come to power,


working in the name and for the good of the people.


On the other side of the equation - outright cynicism which, however, hides the coolness of Borisov and the "brains" around him while ticking off the points of ... - we will say it literary - their hellish plan: cementing the backstage and putting the state back in that drawer.


During the first ten days of the protests, Boyko continued to drive his jeep, handing out millions and billions, showing off his highways… getting on everyone's nerves.


In mid-July, when he realized that the situation was about to become like the one in 2012-2013 (when the protests led to his first resignation, as well as the protests in 2014-2015, because of which the government of Oresharski gave out), he made the first canny maneuver so as


to put the troubled civil society to sleep.


On July 15, pro-government media roared out sensational news: "The prime minister has come up with and offered his coalition partners five options for overcoming the crisis:


Option 1: Immediate resignation. This option has been identified as risky due to probable repression by a caretaker cabinet appointed by the president and the danger of halting important energy and infrastructure projects.


Option 2: After overcoming the "red" vote of no confidence, GERB submits a vote of confidence in parliament and overthrows itself. Then they form an expert cabinet - without Boyko Borissov and with completely different ministers.


Option 3: After overcoming the vote of no confidence, Borisov dismisses all ministers, the parliament elects new ones, he personally goes on leave until the end of the term, entrusting the executive power in the hands of one of the Deputy Prime Ministers.

Option 4: Overcoming the vote of no confidence, casting a vote of confidence, self-overthrowing and implementing the ideas launched in the public space by left and right. I.e expert cabinet and Borisov will be free from state commitments and will play an "ordinary" party leader.


Option 5: Overcoming the vote of no confidence, submitting a vote of confidence, overthrowing the government, returning the mandate and honoring Cornelia Ninova of the BSP to form a government as the second largest party in the parliament.


Does anyone remember how long these five options lasted?

That's right - long enough for Borisov and his puppeteers to prepare their second move:


muscles - flexing.


On the afternoon of August 4 – without rhyme or reason (allegedly) - Borisov pretended to be bored by the stubbornness of the protesters, waved his hand and announced that tomorrow he would gather the party activists of GERB in Sofia. The official information about the event appeared in the media around 5 p.m. According to the announcement, Borissov would deliver a throne speech at the forum in which he would analyze the political situation and the reasons for the protests and would announce his future intentions. However, he would not resign.


On August 5, at exactly the appointed time - 12 at noon - no less than 4,000 GERB party activists lined up in the square of the sunburned former barracks of the Fourth kilometer (i.e. in one of the Borisov’s miraculous constructions - Sofia Techpark).


We will not repeat or copy the "bullet points" in the throne word of the Prime Minister because we have known his bragging for a long time. However, two emphases cannot be ignored, because ... they suggested what awaits us next.


First -

GERB party does not care if there will be early elections

or not, because it will definitely win them. True, Borisov did not dare to show off that in less than half a working day he was able to get 4,000 people on spot - just like that, with a click of his fingers - but it was not necessary either. Because only a profoundly naïve man could not imagine what would happen if Borisov clicked his fingers several times or "asked"" all his and his party freeloaders to prove in practice their loyalty to his personality and work.

And secondly - there will be no traditional early elections, .i.e. the Parliament will not be dissolved. Not because Boyko is afraid of a possible revision that the official cabinet of his main irritant - the head of state Rumen Radev, would make but because this procedure would block the executive and throw Bulgaria


in the swamp of hopelessness and destruction.


A week and a half later, in his typical style - ostensibly under the pressure of events but after a carefully written homework - Borisov took off his mask.

And he informed the general public what he intended to do with the state and how this would happen.


It was the first time, back in 2003, that Borissov - as chief secretary of the Interior Ministry - officially lied to the broader public that he had no ambitions in politics or power. And he categorically illustrated this with his first catchphrase: Bulgarian politics is sh*t, wrapped in cellophane!


Well, on August 14 Borisov


he finally took off that cellophane and flushed it down the toilet.


And he shoved “that thing” in our faces in the most brutal and peremptory way possible. It is simply impossible to describe in any other way the television sermon he poured on us then.


The President is the enemy of democracy, and the protesters are scoundrels, paid by the oligarchy and the mafia. That is why GERB wants to convene a Grand National Assembly (GNA) and restart the state!


There are three strategic objectives - adoption of a new constitution, liquidation of the Supreme National Assembly as an institution and the Supreme Judicial Council as the supreme administrative body of the judiciary.


The tactical goals are three: cementing the position of the Attorney General as


the sole master of the state prosecution;


cuts in presidential powers; turning the parliament into something like a Masonic lodge - small number of deputies, but all of a stock!


To deceive the enemy, the draft of the new constitution in question is a waste of time. At least for now it works because while we are all dealing with the legal illiteracy of Danail Kirilov, Borisov and his puppeteers have doubled their assurance.


Until August 18, the procedure for convening a Grand National Assembly seemed doomed due to a lack of 120 "yes" votes.


On August 19, however, Veselin Mareshki turned 180 degrees (as we predicted in the last issue of "The BANKER") and the conspiracy went on in the right direction: to bargain with the "natural enemies" - BSP and MRF and pre-distribution of funds in the name of the fault-free allocation of the coveted 29 billion euros during the third programming period.


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