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The State Takes From the Enterprising to Give It to Loafers and Dodgers

Kovid-19 crisis is clear enough,  we’ll cope with the virus. But what to do with greed and stupidity?!

The state oligarchism of Peevski and Dogan will ruin everything it touches and has power over, because it redistributes opportunities from the capable and enterprising to the lazy and sly. And this is programmed poverty for years to come, for everyone - citizens, companies, institutions, the state. This is the position of the analyst Ilian Vassilev, published on his Facebook page.


"Dogan's TPP predicted a "guaranteed" profit of about BGN 30 million each year, which is almost exactly the amount of state payments to it for cold reserve, the one they took from the operating TPP Maritsa Iztok - 2. You take from a thermal power plant crucially important for the national energy security by artificially killing it in order to give it to an oligarchic thermal power plant that is inactive?! So how could we have a stable and competitive energy in this situation.  If this is not a crime, I don’t know what is.


For years, external companies have not participated in infrastructure construction tenders in order to close the circle of distribution of the corruption recoil. They thump their egos that they are building highways but no one is asking about the quality, which tomorrow will turn into higher maintenance and repair costs and finally – they say they have saved thousands, but have given millions. But BB is considered a builder. And he is an actor in a theater who justifies a scheme for draining public funds through such projects," Vassilev wrote.


According to him, foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country has been self-sufficient and declining as a percentage of GDP for years, not to mention that last year most of it came from the Netherlands. It is a tax-free profit returned as an investment through an oil company. This model sees FDI as unnecessary competition to the oligarchic capital for markets, consumers and public funds. And without FDI there is no technological renewal of the economy, no integration in the upper echelons of global trade. The result - programmed poverty and a short value added chain. The model needs plain and poor people to be able to kiss the hand of the boyars for a few levs more.


"To make the nightmare complete, the prosecutor's office has already announced that investing abroad is a crime, not to mention if any statesman helps with them - the stigma of being corrupt is ready. And this is the duty of every senior politician, official or diplomat. See what Western politicians and diplomats do in our country. It is no coincidence that every Bulgarian business is looking for a foreign partner so as have a foreign embassy as a back-up, as an antidote against the mobsters in power.


This is not just a triumph of parasites in power and the economy, it is a direct and quick path to the destruction of the nation - when you punish the hard-working "bees" in the name of mediocre "drones", the analyst said.

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