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The State Is Inspecting the "Hippoland" after Its Owner Supported the Protests

Today, authorities launched a massive probe against the "Hippoland" toy store chain a day after its owner Marian Kolev announced that he supported the protests and his son was badly injured by the tear gas used by the police.

About 20 employees of the NRA, Economic Police and General Directorate "Market Surveillance"" visited the chain's base in the capital quarter of "Kazchene".Tax collectors have closed the chain's toy stores.

State institutions have not yet reported information about the raid and the reason for this sudden inspection.
Let’s remind you that after the protests, in the late hours of September 2, there were many injured by the tear gas, the police "calmed down" the protesting citizens with. The son of Marian Kolev was among them. In a letter circulated by the media, he described how his 17-year-old son nearly lost his sight because of the chemical he was gassed with.

"I am proud that throughout my entire adult life I have created and developed a business, that I give work to over 350 people, that I pay up to a penny the taxes and social security contributions provided for by the laws, to ensure the salaries, including to the people who today "protect us", gassing and blinding our children", Marian Kolev wrote and announced that he fully supported the protests.
Employees of the department store chain are also actively involved in the protests. They are adamant that their presence in the street is out of their own beliefs.

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