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The Situation Will No Longer Be Tolerated Because of an Alleged Lack of Alternatives, Reneta Indjova Is Convinced

"GERB's move to Grand National Assembly is a sham," Reneta Indjova, Bulgaria's caretaker Prime Minister in the period from October 1994 to January 1995, told BNR in connection with the government's proposal for a new Constitution and the convening of a Grand National Assembly.


In her words, the Bulgarian people will no longer tolerate the situation, under the pretext that there is no alternative, because the alternative will be making frequent changes until a proper person is found: "No one will be left to rule for so long in the future, the rulers will be overthrown on the third day," she said.


According to her, the next government cannot be worse than the current one. She described the "Borisov 3" cabinet as absolutely discredited both in Bulgaria and in the world. Indjova called upon a Grand National uprising on September 2nd, the first working day of parliament.


"We have not developed a political model in which to alternately change government and opposition, on the contrary - they are like twin brothers.

However, the change between them is a must and the more frequent it is, no matter how much it costs the society, the more quickly we will obtain the political ability to choose the right one," she explained.


According to Indjova, office governments must "clear the ground" when regular governments fail. "What should happen after a government’s rout and atrocities has caused a country's economy to be in a state of free fall? Shall we accept a government to come and cover things up?" the former prime minister asked.


She suggested that the government might not be changed because "a convenient official is needed to cover things up".

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