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The Protests Represent the First Moral and Political Explosion in Our Recent History

"Boyko Borissov will not be able to control the process this time. We see a non-partisan, trans-partisan rally which is unusual in size and enthusiasm. The protests represent a sufficiently authoritative institution ... Any delay of the resignation reduces the potential of GERB for full participation in elections." Valentin Vatsev, a professor of European studies and geopolitics, commented on this issue to BNR.


According to him, anger and moral indignation unite both the left and the right. "That's why the protests are special, they are moral rather than political. This is the first moral and political explosion in the new history of our country. "Morality should no longer allow people to tolerate this status quo," he said.


Vatsev stressed that given the confusion in GERB, the resignation of the government can be expected. "But Borissov will return from Europe sharing, in a 45-minute press conference, that his colleagues and friends in Europe told him that giving up power in this situation would be irresponsible… GERB is on the verge of a moral and political catastrophe… If they resign, it will be a blow to the GERB structure. GERB is currently the state, refusal means collapse. They are rightly worried… The situation is irreversible," he commented.


According to the analyst, none of the main parties is ready to enter the election campaign.


"Ivan Geshev's resignation is not important. He will change his political behavior abruptly. He will stop using his political vocabulary when GERB loses power ", Valentin Vatsev is convinced.

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