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The Protests Are over; We Have to Be Alert in the Elections

"We celebrate the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival diligently, but we know what the historical attitude of the whole nation and the politicians is to them. I have a special attitude to the Day of the Awakeners, because we often fetishize the holidays or the positions and turn them into something that is revered only once a year", the writer Zahari Karabashliev told BNR.

He pointed to Yordan Yovkov as a real awakener- in the true sense of the word - a teacher, a writer, a publicist.

"We celebrate the Revival leaders a hundred years after they died. Our awakeners become such after they leave this world," the writer noted.

For people as a filling

"I can't find words to express my attitude towards former Culture Minister Vezhdi Rashidov, who treats people as if they were a filling. Can you imagine a civilized country where a former minister speaks of people as a stuffing. For me, this is a final diagnosis of the regime that has allowed such a person to be so high-positioned in power, and a diagnosis for this person," Zahari Karabashliev said in reference to Rashidov's position, in which the writer was also mentioned.

"I described the case in a text of mine. We're talking about impudence and lying. I was invited in Brussels by the permanent representation to give a speech on 24 May. That's why I didn't get any fee. If this person is lying about things that are easily verifiable, imagine the result about things that are harder to verify. "

Support and gratitude

"I have never supported GERB, I support the Bulgarian spirit, word and identity. I can't support a political formation to get benefits.It's ridiculous.” said Karabashliev, who is among the signatories of the open letter requesting the resignations of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, BNT Director Emil Koslukov, Culture Committee Chairman Vezhdi Rashidov and Parliamentary Chairwoman Tsveta Karayancheva. "

Nowadays we continue to be accustomed to the notion that politics is something dirty and we should not interfere. This is well used by politicians. Here is a handy group of intellectuals that we get rid of by twisting them in our discourse. This voice of reason and truth is marginalized immediately. I do not shy away from these things - I was at the protests from the first day, for me it was the most natural thing to do – to protest, to express my civil position, to sign (the open letter - editor's note) ".

The protests are over; we have to be awake in the elections

It is already clear that there will be no early elections according to Zahari Karabashliev.

"For me, the protests ended around October 2 and it was right. Now it is right for everyone to go home and prepare for the elections, to be awake in the elections.  There’s no need for protests anymore. There is no need for people to get cold on the streets and infect each other. It turned out that the government was more resilient than spontaneously organized protests. "

He said that at first he thought early elections were inevitable because he gave more credit to people in power.

"The idea that you can continue to be in power one more day, provided that it is proven it is you (the photos and recordings featuring Prime Minister Boyko Borisov – ed.note) – why, the hell, you stick to power at all costs? Unfortunately, I was wrong."

Public opinion has been awakened and no one dreamed of it in March, Karabashliev also commented.

Four crises have overlapped

According to the writer, four crises have now overlapped in the country - a health, political, economic and moral crisis, demonstrated by the government.

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