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The President of the Supreme Court of Cassation and President Radev Discussed Changes to the Constitution

Supreme Court of Cassation President Lozan Panov has again demanded constitutional changes,related to the prosecution. On March 11, Judge Number One met with President Rumen Radev as part of the constitutional consultations the latter has been holding since late last year.

What Panov said about his conversation with the head of state:

They had talked about the model of the prosecution, for which Lozan Panov has consistently claimed to be  "under the Soviet model ". Proof of this was the fact that no one has so far dared change that or allow anyone to actually investigate prosecutor number one. Specifying that his position is not a result of personal opposition, but of principle, Panov commented:

"There is an absolute imbalance. The Chief Prosecutor, in view of his powers and uncontrolled authority, is the one who sets all sorts of standards that keep changing at any moment. Any change that is made to the judicial system further reinforces the Attorney General's position, his influence, both on the plenum of the SJC and the prosecutorial board."

Among the topics discussed, the President of the SCC also listed the work of the Judicial Inspectorate and the media environment.

Prior to his meeting with Panov, President Radev talked in “Dondukov” 2 with Supreme Administrative Court President Georgi Cholakov, Supreme Judicial Council Representative Boyan Magdalinchev, members of the Public Prosecutor's Office and Chief Judicial Inspector Teodora Tochkova.

A few days ago, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev announced that he had not received an invitation yet to meet with the head of state.

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