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The MRF Predicts Early Elections within Two Months

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms does not give up its insistence on forming an experts’ office. An idea launched late last year by their honorary chairman, Ahmed Dogan, during his traditional Christmas address to the senior party officials.

According to MRF MP Khalil Letifov, after the health and economic crisis as a result of COVID-19, there is now a political crisis, characterized by a war between the country’s institutions. The way out of the crisis can be found through an expert cabinet.


Against the background of the constant rebukes to the MRF "servicing" the ruling party, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov rejected the option of an expert cabinet, although, in his words, it was most advantageous to him because he could pull his party together.


"This expert cabinet should be anti-crisis one. This cabinet should provide several things in the short term. It should be an expert one, the relevant experts in the respective fields should be involved in very short terms until the construction of the next National Assembly, so as they can be able to outline the frames and do enough work to agree on the conditions for effective absorption of the funds related to COVID 19 from one hand and from the other - with the plans for the absorption of funds for the next programming period, which are linked to the green deal ", commented Letifov.



DPS finds civil society awakening and predicts elections within two months. The fact that on Thursday evening a protest procession was held near the party's headquarters, which was shelled with eggs may well speak of the awakening of civil society.


The Dogan party has taken aim at three resignations - of the government, of President Rumen Radev and of the Parliamentary chief Tsveta Karayancheva. Strangely or not, the only figure subject to public discontent that remains outside the MRF’s target is The Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev.

The party's argument for keeping Geshev as prosecutor №1 is prosaic - the Chief prosecutor is not a political figure. He was elected by prosecutors,who should give him an assessment. Politicians may not demand the resignation of any of the judiciary.


It was this statement by MP Hamid Hamid that annoyed the protesters. In addition to eggs and yogurt pots, the protesters also stuck stickers on the MRF building.

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