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The Law Should Apply to Everyone, Including Orthodox Christians

"Giving people the right to choose whether to go to church for Easter is worrying. The law must apply to everyone, and since we have a law that forbids people from gathering in one place, this should also apply to Orthodox Christians." Assoc. Prof. Ivo Indjov, Political Communications Expert, University lecturer at Veliko Turnovo, told BNR and clarified that it is thus possible to expand the contagion that has so far been successfully contained.

He was adamant that the state should intervene and ban Easter services for laity.

"Nobody strips the citizens of the right to offer their prayers and celebrate the great Christian holiday," the political scientist said. He noted that some experts said churches cannot be closed because it contravenes the right to religious freedom.

Prof. Inzhov commented that there was a deficiency in the system of medical measures. "Mass testing is not used, and the real number of infected people is not known," he said. He said the government's economic measures were not good. The political communications expert criticizes the expressive and frightening Prime Minister’s language.

"Boyko Borisov spoke about morgues. He uses a very frightening and expressive style that does not correspond to the actual state of things. I will make a comparison with Germany, which was cited as an example of how a large country, which is the center of many migrant flows, has successfully coped with the expansion of infection. There, Chancellor Merkel does not use startling, military and threatening terminology, "Indzhov said. According to him, if people come out of this situation with an anxiety psychosis, things will not go well.

Assoc. Prof. Indjov also commented on the relationship between the Prime Minister and the President, pointing out that the right is on the side of the head of state. "President Rumen Radev has not opposed the isolation measures,  he has criticized the government for not applying adequate economic measures. That's where President’s  conclusion came from that hunger would overcome fear, "he pointed out.

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