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The European Parliament Has Unanimously Called for Continuation of EU Budget Negotiations

The European Parliament Groups unanimously stated today that the EU budget negotiations must continue. For the time being, MEPs are reluctant to accept the budget allocation without changes, as agreed after the European Council meeting, which lasted five days.


The Group of the European People's Party (EPP) expressed satisfaction of the there agreement but not of its content. The EU is based on parliamentary democracy which means that the deal is now in the hands of the EP, it is impossible for the final decision on the budget to repeat the decision of the European Council. We are not ready to let this decision go yet. There are not enough funds for the protection of external borders, healthcare, development, foreign policy, the EPP noted.


The Socialists and Democrats described the agreement as historic, but disagreed with the cuts in education, digitalization and foreign policy. The Socialists demanded the introduction of new taxes and fair taxation.


Renew Europe has called for increased funding for digitization, research, youth activities and healthcare. The EPP, the Socialists and the Liberals supported binding budget spending to the rule of law.


The Identity and Democracy Group said very few EU countries would benefit from the Economic Recovery Fund. According to this parliamentary force, European countries would have supported their economies without EU intervention instead of having been constrained by the European Commission's views on spending the fund.


The Greens reprimanded the so-called EU savers (Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden) as well as the prime ministers of Poland and Hungary, whom they described as "pseudo-democrats" who, together with close oligarchs benefited from European funds. European Conservatives and Reformers call for increase in budget for agriculture, regional and economic development, digitalization and foreign policy. The European United Left pointed out that the agreed amount of the budget did not meet the needs and demanded fair taxation.


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