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The EU Has Urged Bulgaria to Effectively Investigate Money Laundering

The European Council issued four recommendations to Bulgaria, which should be implemented in 2020 and 2021.


The Council urges our country to take all economic measures to effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, sustain the economy and support subsequent recovery.


"When economic conditions allow, BG must pursue fiscal policies aimed at achieving prudent medium-term fiscal positions and ensuring debt sustainability, while boosting investment. To mobilize sufficient financial resources to strengthen the sustainability, accessibility of health system capacity and to ensure a balanced regional distribution of health workers to meet the needs of the population," the approved report said.


Euro-leaders demand that our authorities provide adequate social protection and basic services for all and strengthen active labor market policies. As well as improving access to teleworking and promoting digital skills and equal access to education, address shortcomings concerning the adequacy of the minimum income scheme.


"Streamline and accelerate procedures for providing effective support to SMEs and the self-employed, while also ensuring that they have continuous access to finances and flexible payment terms. To give priority to ready-to-implement public investment projects and stimulate private investment to speed up economic recovery. To focus investment on the environmental and digital transition, in particular on clean and efficient production and use of energy and resources, environmental infrastructure and sustainable transport, contributing to the gradual de-carbonization of economy, including in coal-producing regions", the European Council insists.


Other recommendations relate to minimizing administrative burden for businesses by improving the efficiency of public administration and strengthening e-government.


"To ensure the effective functioning of the insolvency framework. To increase efforts to ensure adequate assessment and risk mitigation, effective supervision and implementation of the anti-money laundering framework," the EU calls upon.


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