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The Empty Plenary Hall and Weber's Clichés Will Trigger Euroscepticism

“Last night's debate in the European Parliament is a belated Brussels confession that there is a severe crisis of democracy in Bulgaria. Europe is also responsible for this crisis due to its collusion and leniency towards Prime Minister Boyko Borisov." This was stated to Darik by Ivo Hristov, a member of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the EP.

According to him, the debate is a victory for the thousands of Bulgarians "who did not tire of protesting for three months against lawlessness and the mafia state. Brussels was finally forced to admit that Bulgaria is in a severe crisis of democracy. Our worthy compatriots, who wore out their soles on the cobblestones of Sofia, achieved this stage victory. "

"Unfortunately, the debate has also shown all the helplessness of the European institutions, which cannot even articulate their thoughts clearly because they are slave to the Brussels language. In European jargon, depravity, failure, breaking the law and democracy are euphemistically called "challenges" while the various legal acts by which our authorities pervert the Commission's recommendations are called "progress”. The bureaucratic mentality, the compromising spirit, the streamlined wording have deprived Brussels of the ability to speak the truth. In this sense - our freedom, democracy, fair elections depend on the mobilization of protest in Bulgaria. We ourselves have to tell the truths that the President, the people from the protest, politicians from the opposition, such as Mrs. Cornelia Ninova and Mr. Hristo Ivanov, have already said. The cultural community, too, albeit belatedly, signed under these truths. Europe is an abstract commentator which still enjoys its old laurels as a benchmark of democracy and likes to comment on the problems in third countries, but often ignores its own ones - as in the case of Bulgaria", Ivo Hristov pointed out.

The Bulgarian MEP commented on the European Commission's criticism of the unaccountable Prosecutor General, the dependent media, the unclear media ownership and the "unfortunate conspiracy of GERB to write its own constitution" as follows: "The unpleasant thing is that these vices have been known for a long time. Europe and Germany in particular, are also responsible for this crisis with their naïve, sometimes mercenary support for Borisov's regime. The monitoring of the Bulgarian judiciary not only deteriorated it, but deepened its decline - because of the formal and politicized way in which it was conducted.

Over the years, it has become an instrument of political support for the regime in Bulgaria against our country's submissive behavior within the European Council. "

According to Hristov, the empty plenary hall and the leader of the European People's Party in the EP Manfred Weber’s clichés in defense of Borisov will stimulate many euro-sceptic sentiments in Bulgaria and this is perfectly understandable.

"It does a credit to MEPs Claire Daly and Daniel Freund, who told the truth about Bulgaria from the rostrum. European jargon, the compromise spirit and the bureaucratic mentality have castrated Brussels. It is unable to state any obvious facts, "Hristov told the Bulgarian National Radio.

He added that he hoped the resolution would be approved.

"Otherwise Europe will show an offensive lack of interest in the events in Bulgaria, which will not stop the process of change as it is deep; it is in progress. The economic crisis in Bulgaria is deepening and is inevitable, there is no more investment,the Prime Minister is working in a strange mode without appearing in public. It is clear that this cannot last long and hopefully Europe will realize it in time, "Ivo Hristov added.

"Bulgaria's political task is to dismantle GERB's mafia management model, and this dictates that the internal fronts in the entire democratic community be closed," he said.

Hristov commented on the presence of a number of other topics in the text of the resolution:

"The European cuisine is such that it is based on a very broad compromise between all the Member States and all the political sensitivities that are present in parliament. Unfortunately, this feeds populists, who shift the focus from the specific occasion to traditionally present reminders such as the Istanbul Convention, minority policy, and so on. They can in no way question the decision of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court, which declared that the Istanbul Convention contradicts our legislation. "

Ivo Hristov believes that the EC has already stated a more realistic position than in the time of Jean-Claude Juncker.

"It is also not inconceivable to intensify further, as the new mechanisms linking European funds to the rule of law give sufficient arguments to the Commission to deprive Bulgaria of these funds. Such a mechanism is about to be introduced and we will see who will be affected by its implementation, provided that the current debate is the debate on Bulgaria. It is quite possible that Bulgaria will be affected. The bad news is that the next rulers, whoever they may be, will pay for the ten- year collusion between the European Commission and Borisov's regime."

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