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The EC Report on Bulgaria Has Been the Deadliest in Terms of Qualifications and Definitions Since 2005.

The EC report has been the worst since 2005, it is a killer report in terms of qualifications and definitions of the socio-economic environment. This was said by the leader of ABV Rumen Petkov during a press conference, Focus News Agency reported. He commented on the EC report for the spring semester. According to him, it is devastating as for the access to healthcare and the development of entire systems.


"Unfortunately, a fictional debate has erupted in the media over whether the Commission has decided to continue the Mechanism for Monitoring the Reforms in the Bulgarian Judicial System or whether this mechanism has been dropped. It is crystal clear from the report’s text that such an issue does not exist. The enthusiasm of government officials is understandable, claiming that the mechanism has been dropped, but it has not. I specifically quote paragraph 31 of the report: “Within this mechanism, the Commission continues to monitor the judicial reform and the fight against corruption in Bulgaria.” It is obvious that the previous Commission did not lift the mechanism, as promised and widely promoted by Prime Minister Borissov. It is known that the Minister of Justice Danail Kirilov announced he will resign if the monitoring does not fall. The monitoring did not fall, he did not resign, "Petkov added.


"All these fanfares which were blown and waved around the country that the commission has decided and lifted the monitoring are a rather gross, superficial, cynical lie," Rumen Petkov added. He clarified that the Commission has transferred the decision on the mechanism to the Council, which has rejected its elimination for Bulgaria and Romania.


According to him, the debate on the substance of the report is more important and meaningful. "Unfortunately, the negative trends are extremely worrying in all areas: lack of public investment, insufficient transport infrastructure, Europe's highest rate of mortality from air pollution, limited access to healthcare and underfunding of the sector, increasing impoverishment and deepening of inequalities, limited access to education and lack of digital skills, " Rumen Petkov quoted the report as saying.

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