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The Directive: From Eurocom to Barekcom

The political bat is whizzing again across the media.

Information from the last hour states that the prosecution has rolled up its sleeves, so to  speak,  to disarm one of the few free and embarrassing media outlets - Eurocom Television.

Why? For "illegal funding".

Who detected it - the incorruptible Barekov.

Whom is the alert addressed to? To the knight of justice Geshev.

There is hardly a naive person who is not aware of what orders Barekov performs. The active anti-censorship campaigner has bankrupted a mega television program, funded by CTB, which silently plunged into the space, widely known to the "new politician". Only in this space does the Prosecutor's office act very carefully and too selectively. However, it is more than 4 billion we are talking about and in such cases the door usually “squeaks” heavily.

However, the actions against Eurocom are flash.

And there is a chance that the alternative media is about to be destroyed swiftly. Similar to the naughty BIT which, just for a change, was bought out  first before it was liquidated.

A tiny but an intriguing detail: the non-become PM from Plovdiv has sent his report to the Special Prosecutor's Office where ministers, MPs and magistrates are usually investigated. And the purpose is to settle the scores with journalists.

For those appreciating collegial ethics we will add that who filed against Eurocom is a recent presenter on the same television. According to Barrekov, before the financing of "Eurocom" became illegal, he also participated in it with BGN 15 thousand a month for "Barekov and Bayraktarov without censorship“ broadcast,  after which  it was suspended by the owners, despite the payment.

A primary school math task might ask: how Barekov maintains his lavish life so that he is left with 15,000 a month for a patriotic cause like the one cited. Is the prosecution interested in the matter?

Eventually, Eurocom may not be ruined, it could only be renamed to Barekcom, for example. Following a new direction, parallel to the right track.

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