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The crisis in Pernik is about to make Borisov's life miserable

The BSP begins the new election campaign. GERB lacks a realistic assessment of the situation and  being fascinated with its victories makes  elementary mistakes. According to sociologist Parvan Simeonov   this can undermine the authority, not the socialists themselves because “the high- toned voices the BSP sometimes speaks with scares people.”

“There is always a truckload of populism around air and water. The opposition is pumping a huge bubble. Add to this the natural wear and tear of this management’s image for over 10 years. And here is  the creak coming out of the most unexpected places. This creaking means only this - Boyko Borisov should start managing in a long-term way, not day by day. This management is reactive not proactive, “explained Parvan Simeonov.

The expert pointed out GERB successes - the victory over the former second in the party Tsvetan Tsvetanov, winning two elections in 2019, calming  down the protests against Ivan Geshev and breaking the ice with Donald Trump. In his words, however, “the crisis in Pernik is an oversight and is about to shorten the life of Prime Minister Borisov.”

“GERB is a good lever on all edges ... GERB's biggest mistakes descend from underestimation oblivion and  losing touch with reality  just when they are most powerful, “Simeonov told BNR.

“We are not inclined to change much and that is because in Bulgaria the economy has  agitated and things are not looking very bad so people are cautious in their desire to change... The most gigantic problems of our country are related to human capital - with the great stratification of the country, the huge regional differences, the big social differences, the demographic problem. Bulgaria's essential problem is social,” the sociologist summed up.

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