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The Bulgarian Dream of the Promised Land

We've been heading for it for 31 years, and it’s been drifting further and further away...


In the days of the ongoing protests against the government and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, we celebrated the Holy Prophet Samuel, and all who bear his name celebrated. Translated, the name Samuel means "Prayed from God." The prophet's father had two wives, one of whom was childless. Her name was Anna and she made a vow before the Lord that she would devote herself to him if he gave her a child. And the miracle happened -Samuel was born, who later became one of the most respected people in the Israelite land.


At that time, Israel was ruled by leaders who were priests and judges. Samuel was the last member of this leadership caste. He guided his people to forsake their sins and repent in order to live in peace and justice.


He ruled for a long time, but due to old age he withdrew from power. He handed over the helm to his sons, who were debauched and greedy. Then Samuel, by lot, appointed Saul, of another family, as king. Stepping back, the Prayed from God he turned to the people and said: "If anyone has a complaint against me, I am ready to satisfy them and if I have taken anything, I will return it!" And he returned home, leaving the fate of the Israelites in the hands of the new king. And he returned home, leaving the fate of the Israelites in the hands of the new king.


Saul soon got proud and stopped heeding the prophet's counsel. And the Israelites again fell into depravity and greed…


The life of Samuel is an illustration of the wisdom that no one is a prophet in their own country. And that the justice people dream of cannot be the commitment of a good judge only.


The case in BG is even more dramatic - although there is a whole caste, identified by law as a pillar of justice, there is not a single one we can all point a finger at and say: this is the judge!



Moreover, the man who today offers us honor and morality according to new rules, written by him, has become like the King of Israel, Saul. And his excessive pride and greed lead us to hell.


For this reason, we Bulgarians, from the ultra-technological and modern 21st century are still dreaming of the Promised Land which we’ve been on the road to for 31 years but it’s like we have been distancing ourselves from it…

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