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Students Joined the Protest for the Resignation of Borisov and Geshev

Students from different universities protested, demanding the resignation of the government and the Attorney General.

A large banner "Resignation" was erected on the façade of the Rectorate of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".The students are from different universities -University of National and World Economy, University of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Geodesy, Sofia University, Technical University, National Sports Academy Vasil Levski.

“We come out with motives for resignation and a request for early elections. We have met with a lot of people in the Triangle of Power. The protest happened spontaneously and we went out in front of Sofia University," some of the protesting students said.

Because of the lack of result - the resignation of the government and the Attorney General, they decided to legitimize themselves as students and have a clear position.

"The corruption that has taken over us is eating us from within. We have no ambitions to look like another student protest, so far our organization has been good. The action, which is spontaneous, has the idea to bring together students from different faculties and universities," future graduates say.

Anti-graft protests are approaching their 100th day. Last night, the protest of the "Justice for Everyone" initiative was held in front of the Court of Justice, demanding the resignation of the Attorney General and reform of the judiciary. The participants in the action then joined the main protest in front of the Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

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