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Some Upstart Guy, Whose Salary We Pay, Calls Me a "Mafia"!

Some arrogant guy who’s forgotten himself calls me a "mafia." Some guy who lost 10 years of our lives calls me a "mafia." Some guy, who 'gives away' our taxes the way he wants, calls me a 'mafia'.


That's what communications specialist Lyubomir Alamanov wrote on Facebook. His post on the social network is on the occasion of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s speech from this morning.

"The mafia right now wants to overthrow the government - gambling, smuggling, everyone is on the streets against us. This gives me reason to believe that I should not resign," said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov in a live broadcast while inspecting a new Center for Children with Cancer in the village of Opitsvet.


"They want resignations, but they don't know what to do. The good thing about us is that we are not talking in future tense, but in present," the Prime Minister added after visiting the rehabilitation center for children with oncohematological diseases in the municipality of Kostinbrod. The Prime Minister stressed that the government continues to work actively. "That's why we irritate them so much - the others have nothing to show," Borisov said.


Here is the full Facebook post of Lyubomir Alamanov:

Some guy, who has lost himself, calls me a "mafia".


Some guy, who lost 10 years of our lives, calls me a "mafia."


Some guy, who has corrupted the words "European development", calls me a "mafia".


Some guy, who failed the idea of ​​the rule of law, calls me a "mafia."


Some guy, who ruined the institutions, calls me a "mafia."


Some guy, who "distributes" our taxes, as he pleases, calls me a "mafia."


Some guy, who lies to people, calls me a "mafia."


Some guy, whose salary we pay, calls me a "mafia."


Some guy, who's already been reprimanded by Europe, calls me a "mafia."

Some guy, who is ready to give in to the craziest patriotic rednecks’ demands, calls me a "mafia."


Some guy, who sacrifices children’s future, calls me a "mafia."


Are you still asking why I am protesting?


And that's not the main issue. The main question is why YOU don't protest.

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