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Some get new guesthouses, others pay the burden

Out of the multimillion army of Bulgarian mother-in-laws, only a few hundred will be pleased with the course of the scandal, called "mother-in-laws houses". It appears the houses will remain as their property and it is out of the question  the construction money, allocated under European programs will ever be paid back.

The reason is that the state, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agriculture Fund, heroically pretended to be blind when the rules for the allocation of euro money were written years ago.  For this reason, they could not see how to regulate specific measures for the violators to be punished and punishments to be effective. This should have been clear while applying for EU projects funds.

As we all know, only former Deputy Minister of Economy  Alexander Manolev has  been "toasted" after a series of scandals, regarding those guesthouses.
A proceeding was opened against him for EU funds unduly spent.
In June this year  Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva ordered an inspection to be carried out.  It includes the guest houses, funded by the rural development program for which the 5-year period has not expired. It is a total of 746 projects  with BGN 82 million EU subsidy.

There is no doubt Taneva knew that the state would get zero and that the meaning of the check corresponds completely to the saying " A day late and a dollar short. "

A few months ago, the government tried hard to quash the scandal and smoothed it out somehow. The rules of how to pay back  the money were subsequently adopted, and possibilities were created to initiate procedures for issuing public state acts. But no one in the country dares to issue the acts because they violate the prescribed 30-day deadline for their coming into force after the opening of the procedure.  The time limits have simply passed, and if the state still decides to issue such acts, they will most likely be annulled in court cases because penalties with retroactive effect are in breach of the law on regulations. As a result: the eurofunds spent will not be paid back and BG, which means we-the taxpayers, will have to cover the expenses of the lost court cases. As a matter of fact, the funds for the guest houses, which were constructed in apparent violation, must still be repaid to EU Funds. That means the money will be covered by the budget, that is, it will be taken out of our pockets again.

Generally and traditionally speaking, the relationship between the entire nation and the state itself is as described in a popular sex posture - first, the state is on top, then the nation is underneath.

"Mother-in-laws houses" given away for free  is a good example of this and it’s not the only one. Today, the most recent similar example is the water shortage drama in the town of Pernik. Poor losers have no water to drink and wash but a new, higher price for it. And of course, there is no one around to take the blame for that lock up.

That’s how we’ve been doing for years – screwed and downcast. And the desire of the state to lie on top of us seems to be never ending…

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