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Slavi Trifonov claims Boyko Borisov lies about "Balkan Stream"

Showman  Slavi  Trifonov makes calculations based on Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's claims that five kilometers of the Balkan Stream, which is an extension to Turkish Stream  gas pipeline, are built every day and proves this cannot be  true. Either Borisov is lying that we have built so much, or we are secretly building the route through Serbia, Hungary and Turkey  without them having the slightest idea..

Here's what Slavi Trifonov wrote on Facebook:

On Friday  Boyko Borisov said again that we build 5 kilometers of Balkan Stream a day.

First, let's mark what exactly Balkan Stream is - it is a unique name made up by Boyko Borisov and the Bulgarian government.

In fact  Balkan Stream is the land extension of the Turkish Stream pipeline through Bulgaria. Then this pipeline passes through Serbia and reaches Hungary. In Turkey it is called  the Turkish Stream, in Bulgaria it is the Balkan Stream  and then again it becomes the Turkish Stream in Serbia and  Hungary. I have no idea why Boyko Borisov calls it "Balkan Stream .” Abusers who want to shake stability would say that this is the way to outwit  the European Union and not have any problems with the United States. Because the US has already imposed sanctions on the contractors of the Turkish Stream project.

Now let's see if 5 kilometers a day are really built, according to Boyko Borisov.

The Bulgarian route of Turkish Stream is built by the Saudi consortium Arcad. The contract  came into force on September 18 last year and Bulgaria will pay over BGN 2 billion for its implementation.

The route to be built on our territory is 485 kilometers.

On October 21 last year  Boyko Borisov stated 3 kilometers a day were built.

After Russian President Putin indirectly scolded at him that Bulgaria was deliberately delaying construction  Boyko Borisov suddenly stated that we were constructing 5 kilometers a day.

Borisov made this statement on December 4  in Tsvetanka Rizova’s  studio.

This Friday  hovering over the route near Pleven Borisov said again that we were building 5 kilometers a day and that the construction would be completed by June, 13.

Now let's make some basic reckonings:

If 3 kilometers a day were built from September 18 to December 3, 231 kilometers must have been built.

If 5 kilometers a day are being built between December 4 and today, 170 kilometers must have been built up to now.

That is - 401 kilometers have been built by this very day. And only 84 kilometers remain.

In other words - if Borisov was telling the truth, Bulgaria would finish the construction of the 485 kilometer route in just 17 days - on January 23. So why does Borisov claim we will be ready on June 13? I will tell you why - because neither 3 nor 5 km a day are being built. Simple arithmetic shows that.

Another reckoning - if from December 4th  5 kilometers per day were being built, as Borisov claims, then by June 13 Bulgaria  would have built 965 kilometers. The required number is 485 kilometers.

However, to these 965 kilometers we must add those 231 kilometers built from September to December with 3 kilometers completed every day. It appears that by June 13 we will have a pipeline of 1 196 kilometers. Yet let me tell you again – the contracted length of the gas pipeline is 485 kilometers. Obviously Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is lying  and if we assume that he is not lying - then the pipe is not built straight ahead but on a zig zag.

Lastly - the Arcad consortium has to complete the project in 615 calendar days. If the consortium built 3 and 5 kilometers a day during that period, Bulgaria would have a pipeline of nearly 3,000 kilometers. Can you imagine! This is only possible in one and only case - if we are secretly building the pipeline through Turkey, Serbia and Hungary without letting the Turks, Serbs and Hungarians know it.

Is the Prime Minister lying?  Well, yes, of course.  And you do trust him. WHY?

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