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Shock Allocation of Hundreds of Millions

At the pace of a sprinter, the government allocates hundreds of millions of levs of budget funds. These are the impressive decisions of the Council of Ministers’ last few regular meetings.
On September 2, while all were boiling with anger under the windows of power, a large sum was "set" again. The Cabinet approved BGN 60 million from the operational program "Human Resources Development" to be redirected to the Ministry of Health to provide protection and additional remuneration for frontline medical professionals in the fight against COVID-19.

 With changes in the Law on the Budget of the National Health Insurance Fund for 2020, a legal opportunity is given to pay for the hospital medical care activities - notice! -  for 2015 and 2016. The ceiling of these payments is BGN 75 million.

The budget of the State Social Security is increased by BGN 14 million in order for the higher minimum unemployment benefit to enter into force on October 1 - from BGN 9 to BGN 12. At the same time, from October 1, the deadline for receiving it will be extended from 4 to 7 months.

A number of public servants will still receive 30% pay rises retroactively. For example, BGN 5.503 million is allocated to the National Social Security Institute for this purpose. Employees involved in activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and limit the effects of the pandemic will receive a pay rise. For the same purpose, an additional transfer of BGN 1,874 million goes to the budget of the National Health Insurance Fund for 2020.
The employees in the regional directorates of the Ministry of Education are also receiving a pay rise.  

However, the record for allocating funds has been held by the August 19 meeting. Then the cabinet directed over BGN 106 million to the National Social Security Institute and up to BGN 379 million - for the modernization of nearly 69 km of the Vidin-Botevgrad road. The municipalities received as many as 2 million levs for activities under national education development programs.

At the very beginning of August, another BGN 70 million were allocated for the salaries of the officials. Cabinet decisions said that they would also give BGN 30.5 million to support the farmers, growing animals, bees, fruits and vegetables, oil-producing rose and wine vineyards. BGN 122 million was also set aside for personal assistants under the Personal Assistance Act.

Because of this extraordinary spending, some perky guys on social networks made up a joke that Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev should be referred to, as the Prime Minister had become a victim of telephone fraud and threw several hundred million levs out of the window of the Council of Ministers.

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