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Scandal: Sofia Municipality Councillors of GERB and VMRO Saved Their Bonus of 4000 Levs Each

The Sofia City Council (SCC) met yesterday, more than a month after the state of emergency was announced, to finally vote on a package of business support measures in a pandemic. And voting them - after a day-long online meeting - is unprecedented for the municipality.

SCC voted, however, something that from a moral standpoint does not correspond with the noble otherwise cause of the local parliamentarians to help the businesses in need, and the budget to shrink its costs. The majority in the SCC refused to deprive itself from the additional remuneration of BGN 4,000 a month for participation in the capital funds management. And that came within a whisker - with the active cooperation of the VMRO.


According to the Club Z, municipal councilors from Democratic Bulgaria (DB) have proposed a guarantee fund, created to help small and medium-sized enterprises to be added funds that 31 out of 61 municipal councilors receive for participation in the supervisory and management bodies of the Supervisory Board of the Sofia Municipal Agency for Privatization and Investments, the Management Board of the Specialized Municipal Privatization Fund and the Council for Management of the Municipal Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Sofia Municipality.


The remuneration in question equals BGN 4,000 and is additional to the monthly salaries of the councillors, which are about BGN 1,300 per month. The DB suggested that instead of BGN 4,000, an additional minimum wage be obtained. "This will provide a financial resource of over BGN 1 million annually, which can be directed to the fund. We believe that in the current crisis, such a step would be an expression of solidarity with the citizens of our municipality, "the DB explained.


So we come to the previous day, when the proposal in question was brought to the attention of the municipal councilors for voting, having not been approved by the Committee on Budget and Finance two days earlier with the shy “abstention” voting.


31 votes were required to reject the DB proposal. And they were got together. Thanks to the Chairman of the Patriots Group, Carlos Contrera of the VMRO. And after the second attempt.


Everyone’s voting  was conducted from their home. Initially, however, it turned out that GERB, VMRO and Ataka were collecting 30 votes-on the verge of not being able to reject the proposal. The meeting was adjourned, during which time Contrera quickly referred to the missing 31st vote - Dimitar Antov from the “Patriots for Sofia” group and in the revote he was already in position-to press the "correct" button and save the additional remuneration.


The DB Group, of course, voted against, in the BSP they split into "against" and "abstained". Independent Boris Bonev was also against it.


The vote provoked an angry reaction from the DB group's Chairman, Metody Lalov, who identified those, rejected the proposals as "the table coalition". "I stated at the SCC meeting that I would not allow the appropriation of more than 1.2 million annually from undeserved remunerations from the agencies of the Sofia municipality to continue. Anyone who knows me is aware that I won't stop until it happens. I know that my colleagues from DB will do everything necessary to fight off this scheme in SO, " Lalov said.


On the other hand, Sofia mayor Yordanka Fandakova announced a few days ago that Sofia was beginning to save money. Streets for which a resource of BGN 8 million has been allocated will not be repaired, and other sites with a resource of BGN 5 million will not be developed on. Sofia would also be deprived of funds to flower the parks and gardens this summer.

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