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Rumen Radev Partially Vetoed the Emergency Act

President Rumen Radev  vetoed some of the texts of the Emergency Law. He announced this in a press release. "The credit of trust received by the authorities should be used rationally and not be a prelude to uncontrolled exercise of power," the head of state noted. The lack of personnel and equipment in the health care system and the deficits are compensated by extremely restrictive measures that increase tension and crisis," he stressed in his address.

The law attacks the last remnants of free speech. There is no definition of what false information is, and Bulgarians are threatened with imprisonment.

Experts, journalists and citizens will be forced to impose auto-censorship in a dynamic environment, Radev added.  "There are currently two crises in Bulgaria and around the world - a health crisis caused by the coronavirus and an economic crisis caused by measures to combat the infection. All affected countries accept packages for the poorest, the troubled and the unemployed. And the needs of Bulgarians are even more urgent due to low incomes. At some point, hunger will prevail over fear, and the consequences risk being catastrophic, " the head of state stressed.

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