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Rumen Radev: EC Report Is a Confession of Failure in the Fight against Corruption

The report of the European Commission identifies problems that have been obvious for Bulgarians for years. But when we comment on this report, we must realize that as critical as it is to Bulgaria, it is also self-critical to the European Union because it is a confession of a long-standing failure in the fight against rampant corruption. This was said to journalists by President Rumen Radev after the opening of the 57th academic year at the University of Veliko Tarnovo "St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”.

According to the head of state, the continuation of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, even in different forms, is a proof that the government does not receive a "European indulgence" precisely because of the failure with the fight against corruption.

"My appreciation and support for all citizens who have stopped waiting for findings and decisions from abroad to deal with political corruption, the poor media environment, oligarchic dependencies,the uncontrolled power of the Attorney General and have begun fighting to take back the state," he added.

The systematic violation of the law and the public interest by the Prosecutor General in his efforts to protect the government and certain oligarchs at all costs and to attack the inconvenient ones undermines the foundations of the rule of law. And it requires a reaction from the entire justice system, Radev believes. He is confident that with common efforts the honorable Bulgarian prosecutors will be given a chance to start a real fight against corruption and in defence of the rule of law.

Regarding the veto he imposed on some of the changes to the Electoral Code, the president stressed that it must be supported by the opposition, as long as "certain parties decide whether they are in opposition or not."  "I think they the veto will be overcome, no matter how well-founded the motives I imposed are," he added.

When asked how he would comment on the controversy in BSP, the head of state replied that he did not interfere with the parties’ internal affairs.

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