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Restriction of Rights Must Be Clearly Motivated, Proportionate to the Threat and Excluding Managerial Willfulness

The  coronavirus  pandemic  puts our society to a test. Strict measures are necessary to guarantee the highest value - the health and life of Bulgarian citizens.

But their adequacy, legality, and manner of adoption and implementation depend not only on effectively overcoming the crisis, but also on our development as a democratic and prosperous state. Restriction of rights must be clearly motivated and proportionate to the threat, it should also exclude managerial self-will. This was written by President Rumen Radev in a position, the press secretariat of the head of state announced.

"Alongside the severe restrictions, a package of economic and social measures is also needed. Without them, the health crisis will quickly turn into an economic one and will affect the most socially disadvantaged as well as small and medium-sized businesses, providing employment for a huge number of Bulgarians," the Head of State added.

"I believe that Bulgarian citizens will show reason and self-discipline in this critical situation and will not succumb to panic. It is up to their civic responsibility to deal quickly with the problem,"the president's position said.

Radev calls on all of us to support our doctors and healthcare professionals in their difficult and responsible public mission.

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