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Radev: The Transition Began with Goons and Will End up Dumping Them

President Rumen Radev addressed BG people ahead of another protest against the government of Boyko Borissov and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev.

The head of state called for the resignation of "Borisov 3" cabinet and Prosecutor General and insisted that the restart of the political process and the modernization of our country go through fair elections.


"The transition began with goons and will end disposing them from power," Rumen Radev said.


According to the president, the miscalculations of the cabinet and the chief prosecutor to survive with suggestions and intrigues and the refusal to hear the voice of Bulgaria prolong the crisis.


"Trust has been lost," Radev pointed out.

In his words, we must realize that the mafia feeds on fear and apathy.


"Today, our struggle for justice and freedom is in the hands of the protesting people. This is our common cause. The insulting suggestions that thousands of Bulgarians in the squares have been paid and manipulated, that they are the mire of society, disclose arrogance, political helplessness and behind the scenes’ intrigues. Lies, slander and sowing schism. The people have never been more united in their demand for legality. In their courage to be the actors, not the spectators of their lives," the president stressed.


He also stressed he saw people’s determination to regain their state with perseverance and non-violence, preserve nature and restore fairness in the administration of justice.


"That is why we must be wise and united to prevent this social energy for change from being wasted, not to allow selfishness, prejudices, behind the scenes’ intrigues and external forces to bring division into the ranks," the head of state added.


Radev also emphasized that the current oligarchic and power-based model has been exhausted and denied by the people.


"The young generation of Bulgaria fills me with pride and restores my hope for the future of the Motherland. The mobilization of the Bulgarians is an expression of the national consensus, the anti-mafia. Of the courage to call the problems with their real names. Of the resolve not to tolerate corruption under the umbrella of the prosecutor's office anymore ", summed up Rumen Radev.


He again called on the police and protesters not to allow violence and to avoid provocations" at this historic moment for our country."

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