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Radev: Poorer Countries than France and Germany Have Already Helped Small Businesses

President Rumen Radev welcomed the decision of the National Assembly which, on Monday, complied with his veto on some texts of the Law on Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency.

In his position, the Head of State stated that the Bulgarian Parliament had shown responsibility but also underlined that the real shortfall in the regulation is the lack of a convincing package of social and economic measures to support the hardest hit in this situation - small and medium-sized businesses and people who will lose their jobs, security, poise and perspective for their future.

"There is no way of vetoing non-existent measures, so my call to the executive and the legislative power is to also focus on the social and economic situation in the country in a state of emergency. I continue to insist that effectively coping with the coronavirus crisis requires, in addition to urgent health measures, social and economic measures to support the hardest hit, "the President was adamant.

He said that such measures had already been announced not only by economically powerful countries such as France and Germany, but also by states with limited capabilities. In his words, we must overcome the growing social tensions with concrete and clear measures that will give Bulgarian citizens peace and confidence in their own country.

"It is important for Bulgaria to maintain its human and economic potential," the president concluded.

With the veto passed, MPs deleted texts on "frozen" commodity prices from the emergency law and penalties, imposed for circulation of false information related to an infectious disease.

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