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Radev: Both Government and Management Lead to a Decay of Statehood

The Head of State Rumen Radev has declared in an address to the nation that he officially  withdraws confidence from the government. Among the reasons are: corruption, the water crisis, the garbage crisis and the currency board reforms.

We fully publish the President's address to the nation without abridgment and editorial modification:

I have been calling on the government to work responsibly and effectively in the interests of Bulgarian citizens for 3 years now.  I do not do it as a political opponent, but as a head of state, with thoughts and concerns for the future of Bulgaria. Unfortunately, this does not come true.

Today we are witnessing an acute crisis in governance at all levels. The lack of willingness to reform and fight corruption and wastage, the systematical violation of law and morality led Bulgaria to the paralysis of entire social systems and institutions with no analogue in the history of the Bulgarian transition.

The residents of Pernik and  villages in the region are left without water, for which the Cabinet refuses to take political responsibility. Investigations by foreign media and institutions have shed light on the foreign garbage, spread all over the country and burnt  out in our power plants, which is poisoning our air and nature. Bulgaria is not a dump and no one has the right to bet on the health of Bulgarians so as a handful of businessmen with state protection to derive profits from it.

The Cabinet has quietly pushed for a reform of the currency board, for whose meaning and grounds Bulgarians expected clear explanations.

The legislation is becoming a hostage of lobbying interests, and poverty and inequality are deepening. Even national sovereignty has been traded in the name of personal political survival.

Institutions, called upon to be independent and  uphold the law, trample it blatantly, turning it into an instrument of power.  State authorities allow themselves to intimidate dissenters and protesters. There is an organized offensive against civil liberties. Both this government and management lead to the collapse of the statehood and deprive us of our future as a nation. All this must be put an end to.

As of today, I formally  withdraw confidence from the government, which does not act in the interests of the Bulgarian citizens and is responsible for the acute crisis in our society.

My fellow countrymen,

Today the division is not between left and right, capital and province, but between the vicious power and the millions of respectable Bulgarians. I am by your side in the fight to defend our rights. The future of Bulgaria is of a free, European country where citizens are not afraid of repression, but rely on law and morality.

This is the future of the brave and dignified Bulgarians!  Of the young and enlightened, of the elderly, the honest and the hard-pressed, of  all who will revive the Fatherland. Let us unite for justice and statehood. For the good of Bulgaria!

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