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Radan Kanev Offers Tax Holiday for Small and Medium Business

MEP Radan Kanev proposes to exempt small and medium-sized businesses from tax and social security payments as a measure against  economic shock following the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

"We are facing not only a health crisis, but also a 'fierce economic crisis, so rapid measures must be taken to help small and medium-sized businesses," Kanev urged and also required job support and direct financial back-up for businesses.

According to him, the backbone of the Bulgarian economy is the small and medium-sized business, not the oligarchs, whom the Prime Minister speaks of, and therefore fast measures are needed for small entrepreneurs. As per Kanev data, the small and medium businesses create 75% of jobs and 70% of the value added in Bulgaria.

"Heroism is on the frontline, but war is won in the back by  the economy," he believes.

He said our country should follow the example of France and Germany, where governments have already developed business support schemes.

"As for the health crisis, we have no choice but to strictly follow the measures of the headquarters, which is designed to handle the situation and is responsible for it," the MEP explained.

He criticized Geshev's idea of ​​creating a second headquarters to the prosecution. "There cannot be two headquarters during a war," says Radan Kanev.

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