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Radan Kanev: Mr. Geshev Is Most Welcome To Arrest Me

This accusation is utter absurdity and arbitrariness, but worse - a direct threat to the freedom of expression of the scientific community and, accordingly, to the foundations of our civilized way of life. This was commented on its Facebook page by MEP Radan Kanev in connection with the accusations against the head of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, Prof. Asena Stoimenova.

"I will just point out that the alarming messages for which Prof. Stoimenova has been accused are a topic of daily debates in the European Parliament's Committee on the Environment and Public Health, of which I am a member. If Ms Stoimenova has committed a crime, then all MEPs from the ENVI Commission in the EP, and especially the EPP colleagues who constantly ask about the lack of key medicines in the EU, are criminals. Mr. Geshev is welcome to arrest me too, I will immediately waive my immunity and assist him with the committee list (if the Lord did not whisper it to him in the meantime)," Kanev wrote.



Last week, the prosecutor's office indicted Prof. Assena Stoimenova, the chairwoman of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, for her statements in the media - on medicines stockpiling and the risks of deficits, on legislative gaps in granting medicines. Stoimenova commented then:  "In my media statements, I am informing Bulgarian society about important issues - the stockpiling of medicinal products, the need for prescription when granting prescription drugs, the need for flexibility of legislation and the likelihood of shortages of certain medicines. I also appealed for humanity in the work of the control institutions while maintaining their control capacity. "


On Monday, pharmacists protested with yellow vests and posters.


"I don't see the kind of panic that can be conveyed by the information that we could potentially have a drug problem, provided some drugs are really missing at the moment. We say that it is necessary to take certain measures to avoid falling into a shortage of drugs that are key to solving the crisis with COVID-19," Anton Volev, a pharmacist, said”

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