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Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev has assigned SANS to an entire privatization process audit monitoring

The Attorney General Ivan Geshev commissioned the State Agency  "National  Security" (SANS) to conduct a complete inspection of the entire privatization process and the subsequent control of the responsible ministries, agencies and other government bodies.

The check-up must cover all privatisation transactions, payments on them, irrespective of the type of payments means as well as any action taken on post-privatization supervision. SANS should determine whether the penalties,  interests, benefits and bank guarantees provided for in the privatization contracts have been collected in the event of their partial or total default. In this regard, it should be established whether the privatization contracts were cancelled in the event of their non-performance.

The  inspectors should determine how all documentation of the current post-privatization control was conducted, whether checks were carried out on the implementation of the privatisation contracts and was the information in the public registers updated in a timely manner. An analysis of the Court of  auditors  reports must be carried out within the scope of the verification and the actions that were taken to implement the guidelines given.

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