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Prof. Lachezar Avramov: Instead of Addressing Diagnosis And Treatment, We Deal with Regimes – Part 2

The problem of cheap treatment (non)benefits is global

We deal with regimes - quarantines, tapes, passes, declarations. This is a completely inadequate response to the epidemic. In addition, this body itself - the so-called "headquarters" - is in violation of all laws and regulations of the state. It was established by the Prime Minister’s order, as an advisory body to him, on the basis of what is called the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly. The headquarters currently runs the state and the economy. It manages medical and social services. This is the  Bulgarian contribution to the history of management. This is how Prof. Lachezar Avramov, co-founder of the Center for Integrative Medicine, described the situation.


Prof. Avramov also said in the interview:


In medicine, it is absolutely frivolous to declare that someone has died from something without having undergone a pathological analysis. And that's why I still think that to this day there is one person who died of COVID-19 – a 38-year-old man who was said to have no co-existing conditions. But he was not autopsied either.


The word "headquarters" is nonsense. Everywhere, the medical problem comes first. These include councils, committees, analysis groups, which are all medical in essence. Quarantine, of course, has to do with medicine, but it can't end there. And that is why in Italy and in other countries the so-called medical tests of the methods we have quoted are currently underway.


The association or the council of Italian ozone therapy specialists gave advice to their Ministry of Health before the results of these scientific multicenter studies were published, to apply this method in hospitals. Ozone therapy and vitamin C therapy are widely used in Italian hospitals and thus their impact is realized. They are being tried in Spain - by Dr. Damyanov's academic colleagues. The cardiology consultant Prof. Ivo Petrov, issued a statement that some Spanish hospitals where a few Bulgarian doctors work, have received fantastic results.



We probably have a lot of luck in our country – it probably is the BCG vaccine or some genetic features. In any case, if the Bulgarian population had the profile of the Italian in Lombardy, there would be piles of corpses here. Because our health care system is economically and legally absurd.

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